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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to make reservations?   Yes! We require reservations for all cruises.  We always suggest booking as soon as you have a date in mind.  Call 800-847-3321 to reserve.

Can I book a date and then have everyone in my party call & reserve on their own?

If you would like to all sit together on the same boat or at the same table we ask to have 1 person make the reservation. We can hold space for you until you can confirm your numbers.  A 50% deposit is then required to confirm with your balance on arrival and guests can pay separately at check-in.  

Do I have to make reservations & what if I have to cancel?

 Yes! We require reservations for all cruises.  We always suggest booking as soon as you have a date in mind.  A 50% deposit is required to confirm and full refunds are given if we receive 24 hours notice (some conditions apply to groups)  Call 800-847-3321 to reserve or click here to reserve online.

Are there washrooms on board?

Yes , there are 2 washrooms on the boat with 1 being wheelchair accessible.

Do you cruise if it's raining?

Yes.  Our dining area in enclosed but you are welcome to cancel or change cruise date if we have 24 hours notice (some conditions apply with larger groups)

Are your boats wheelchair accessible?

Yes, please let us know when reserving so we can arrange seating.  Maximum wheelchair width we can accommodate is 29".

What are your boats like and what is the capacity?

We have 3 boats (Grand River Belle, Grand River Princess and Grand River Queen)  all seating 49 passengers each.  All boats are inspected annually by Transport Canada and are fully equipped with life saving equipment, life jackets, fire fighting equipment and radio communications. All crew members are specially trained in emergency procedures and CPR. The dining area is enclosed with all tables seated at a window and a promenade deck surrounding the dining area with outdoor seating.  All boats have 2 washrooms with 1 being wheelchair accessible. 

Can I bring my dog on the cruise?

We do not allow animals or pets on board unless they are a certified service animal.  

According to the AODA’s Customer Service Standards, one of two conditions must apply for your animal to be considered a service animal: 1 the animal is easily identifiable as relating to your disability (for example, it is a guide dog or other animal wearing a vest or harness)  2.  you can provide documentation from a regulated health professional confirming the animal is required due to a disability.   Service animals are not pets.​

Do you have menu susbstitutions?

We can accommodate almost any dietary restriction if we have advance notice.  All substitutions must be ordered at least 48 hours prior to cruise.  There will be a menu link on your reservation confirmation.

Are your boats air-conditioned?

No, however they are well ventilated. If you have medical issues where you shouldn't be out in hot-humid days you can always call our office and reschedule to another day without penalty (some conditions may apply)

Where do you cruise & what do you see?

We cruise along a 20 km section of the lower Grand River between Caledonia and Brantford.  Our boats depart from and return to the same location which is 7 km west of Caledonia.  The cruise is more of a nature cruise with your captain giving an intermittent narration during the cruise about the river and area.

Are children allowed & do you have children's rates?

All children must be supervised by an adult during the cruise.   Children ages ages under 2 are no charge, 2-5 are $10, 6-12 are $35 and youth ages 13-17 are $50.  Children under the age of 6 will receive a child's menu of garden salad, penne with marinara sauce, strawberry shortcake or apple crisp pie for dessert, soft drink.  Our cruises can be a bit long for children under 5 so it is helpful to bring items to keep them occupied during the cruise.

Is there a dress code?

No, but most customers dress smart casual.   We suggest to dress for the weather (sweaters in the cooler weather and cool, comfortable clothing in humid weather).  Our boats are not air conditioned however you might need a sweater when sitting outside on the promenade deck

Is there a bar on board?

Yes.  Our boats are licensed by AGCO to serve alcohol.  Beer, wine and spirits will be available to purchase on board by cash, credit or debit.  You are not allowed to bring outside alcohol on board. 

Is there smoking allowed on board?

No, there is no smoking or vaping allowed inside the dining area or outside on the deck

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